Guidelines Pack

Dear Authors & Presenters,

    To submit your recorded video files and slide documents for your presentation, kindly use the link below. The submission process is detailed below:

  • - Submission link: Link
  • - Go to the link provided to gain access to the respective conference track folders.
  • - Find and open the appropriate conference track folder assigned to your paper(s).
  • - Create a new folder with your paper submission ID and full name, for example: ITTP-T1-012345_Jane John Doe
  • - Upload your files (videos & slides) in the named folder.

Kindly note that all submissions must be made on or before August 4th, 2021

  1. All presenters are suggested to limit their slide between 10 to 15 slides.
  2. All presenters should keep the slide simple. The presentation slide should consist of (Introduction, Methodology, Results & Discussion and Conclusion)
  3. The information included must be concise and brief. All references included must be cited correctly.
  4. All presenters are suggested to avoid sound effects and excessive slide transition.
  5. It is suggested for presenters to use common fonts (e.g. Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri) to avoid any further problems related to fonts.
  6. The figures included can be seen and labeled clearly.
  7. All presenters will be notified of their session date and time, few weeks before the conference.
  8. The conference organizer will provide the link to a video conferencing platform for oral presentation.
  9. Each presenter will be given 10 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for the question and answer session. The session chair will stop the presentation when the presentation exceeds 10 minutes.
  10. All presenters are advised to wear appropriate attire.